Poetry 2014



I didn’t choose it –

It chose me.

This rhyme, this rhythm,

This, this…poetry.

Only now, (in fact this morning)

Did it hit me in this way;

Karma, DNA,

One as no way of tracing

Where a talent comes from

(wherefrom talents come)

Or, leanings, gifts, once slumbering drifts –

For talent

Once meant

(it’s a Greek word meaning money) so,

I think in rhyme,

Think all the time

Where phrase inspires,

Idea takes on verbal image:

Idyll, idol, idlesse, id

Became idiomorphic; having proper shape or form

When ideography needs dictionary,

Reader to be extra cognizant; aware.

It is idealism (look in Webster.

See entire definition –

Interesting and thought provoking.


Back to choice:

I didn’t choose it,

It chose me.

This tendency to poetize;

This what-you-call-it, gift or prize,

(However you may see it.).


Poetry 5.31.2014

The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II;

Arlene Corwin


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