A Thought About Penises 6.8.2014


A Thought About Penises


It’s just a thought –

A thought perhaps I ought not have,

But here it is:

Why is it men in crummy parts of planet Earth

Play, strut and saunter,

Flaunting penises

In jeans

So tight

They fight to walk,

While ladies fair, fine, modest

Forced-to-wear flared dress –

Impractical, outlandish garb,

Robes robbing face,

Encasing torso, leg and arm,

While doing harm.

We know that bone

Needs sunshine to align itself with health.

Vaginas also need to know

They’re free to show themselves

Discreetly and at will,

For in Brazil (in tribes I’ve seen),

Boobies hop and flop,

And no man feels aroused or threatened.

[There is only] dance and laughter,

Skittish, kittenish and coy,

All enjoying what comes after.

In a world so doctrinaire

Who can chain their own despair

With such starvation everywhere?

All shapes and sizes

And no prizes.


A Thought About Penises 6.8.2014

Our Times, Our Culture II; A Sense Of The Ridiculous;

Arlene Corwin



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