Waiting For A Miracle 2.3.2014

While Waiting For A Miracle


It’s ten a.m.

You’re still in bed.

Still dead and tired of limb

You use the last resort

And go to Him for help.

“Fill each cell with energy,

Enough to move this tired body.

Take inertia from me.

Filling head with force and verve,

Activity, a course and nerve.”

You’re waiting for a miracle –

And that’s okay.

At least you’ve hope to save the day,

Pave a way.

An hour more, you’re still at rest.

The cat is sitting on your chest.

You’ve seven books surrounding you.

(At least the mind is active.)

Hunger activates.

You wait because the hunger waits.

You read and write and meditate.

Perhaps that’s what He wants.

Reading, stillness, prayer

Until some movement enters where

It’s there someplace out in the blue,

You hoping it will enter you.

“Power, fire, fill each cell.

Make this flaccid form feel well;

Prod to productivity!

Make stagnation atrophy!”

Ah, a sign! You’ve got to pee.

Wonder in simplicity.

The miracle!


While Waiting For A Miracle 5.11.1999/8.26,2004/2.3.2014

To The Child Mystic II; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; God Book;

Arlene Corwin


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