Where Does The Music Sit In An Orchestra? 5.7.2006

Where Does The Music Sit In An Orchestra?


Nothing – a nothing, I wake.

A vacuumed cloud with no footing, nothing planned;

Vaguely identified; an ego in a woman.

Nothing, but the day I make.

I could go either way – no, yes; white, black,

The self-genetic shading day.

“Ok”, I say, “God shape my day!”

(Although I know the day was shaped

From time ‘fore time, it doesn’t matter,

Being something I must say

To feel that I’m a part of it.)


I feel the feeling in my limbs:

Languor, sloth, passivity,

Stagnation – if I let it.

I must make some effort,

Limbs made limber,

(If I’m not to stay in limbo;)

Limbs that should become a hymn

To doing, synonym for wooing time,

Looking for some meaning, pattern, law

To make the day worth living for.


It happens, it, no longer nothing.

Matter in the cortex broadens.

Consciousness feels good, no longer nothing worth.

The play’s created, day preserved,

World gold-plated, looks like earth.


Where does the music sit in an orchestra?

Every chair, everywhere –

All at once.

It is a question without meaning.


Where Does the Must Sit In An Orchestra? 5.17.2006

I Is Always You Is We; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative; Vaguely About Music II; Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin



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