One Way Or Another 6.16.2014

One Way Or Another


One way or the other

Mind winds, twirls, coils slowly,

Folds itself in preparation.

I, the center, taking in

Whole starving continents,

Shark fins

Hacked. Millions slain,

Left drowning for their fiscal gain;

Death all around in possibility and fact.

Hypothesis and actuality

Tease, freeze the thoughtful. We

(the royal we) are not the least bit pleased!

Of course, ‘we’s little me,

Hidden by a cheerful personality.


Abstruse, but trust me – it’s of use –

We are but phases,

Layers: sun sign, moon sign,

What’s on

The horizon

At your time of birth;

The outer, inner – in this case,

A sunny outer, gloom/doom inner:

Nakedness, my makéd-ness,

Reminding with a constancy

Death’s palpability

In one way or the other.


One Way Or Another 6.16.2014

Birth, Death & In Between II;

Arlene Corwin



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