You’ve Made Me to A Princess 7.7.2014

You’ve Made Me To A Princess


God, you’ve made me to a princess –

I’ve a roof with chairs and beds and tables;

Freezer to keep surplus foods; Oh yes,

There’s the refrigerator

And the surplus goods I’ve no good use for:

Clothes and shoes for seven seasons

(plus a family with as many sons).

I’m privileged.

There is no rationale, no reason why

I should be such a star.

(Oh yes, a car!)

God made me to a princess/queen.

Is there a something that I should be doing

With the kind of blessing

I’ve no real right to?

I have daylight, others allnight.

Is there meaning?

Am I echoing,

Gleaning from great books I’ve read?

Roof with tables, chairs and bed…

I’ve got it all, this princess

And I’m just a bit embarrassed.

Thanks God dear.

(the understatement of the year).


You’ve Made Me To A Princess 7.7.2014

Circling Round Egos; Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin




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