Nothing Is Sacred Anymore 1996

Nothing Is Sacred Anymore


What’s sacred?

Internet is not, although it’s taking over.

Governments are not.

They’re only lots:

Persons without names;

Offices in frames.

What’s sacred?

Art’s unstable. So’s the food

And dreams meant to enhance the good;

Buildings meant to further faith –closed six days in a week.

You can’t get in

And so you sin.

If you’re the type who needs to speak

To God in such a place, you’re lost,

Tossed out into the street ‘til Sunday.

What is sacred?

Maybe nature’s underlying laws and change.

Maybe fire. (Not guns on the firing range)

But all the universes’ suns; first cause;

Laws of truth; you, me.

I’d hope that something’s sacred

Even though I cannot see it.

Something’s there that’s worth the prayer:

Something holy in the air.

Perhaps the problem’s in the word –

The nothing/something word absurd.

A thing with no- some- can’t possess

The ring of sacredness.

So why should I be disappointed,

Cynical or sad

When this world is an un-anointed

World, and going slowly, wholly mad.

Is sacred scared (of being sacred nowadays?)


Nothing Is Sacred Anymore 4.8.1996

Our Times, Our Culture; God Book;

Arlene Corwin

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