From A God’s-Eye Point Of View

From A God’s-Eye Point Of View


From a God’s-eye point of view

I watch and see

And make no judgment –

Nothing that would damn.

It’s all a blessing:

Schemer, cheat:

The energy.

The sheep who bleat within the arts

Without the talent in their parts:

The energy.

I love it all.

I watch them climb.

I watch them fall —

I even love the climber’s fall.

To hear a singer who can’t sing,

Attempt to sing;

A politick that doesn’t tick,

Can never tick –

The politician’s game and trick;

The planetary shift of coin

From poor to rich, from rich to poor;

I join the stitch that joins the poor.

The amateur, professional;

The sad, bad, glad mad, fad attempts

That link it all –

I like it all.

It gets my whole approval.

Not the quality or quantity,

But energy; the haul,

The long haul and beyond.


We’re bonded.

All the actors, all the acts,

All the tactless, misjudged pacts;

We’re glued,

When viewed

From God’s objective eye.


From A God’s-Eye Point Of View 1.5.2001

To The Child Mystic; God Book;

Arlene Corwin



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