Turning Eighty 8.31.2014

Turning Eighty

Unaccustomed to the use of eight,
Unpracticed, I await the change,
Seven gone forever.
Bewildered by this new arrangement
And digit new;
A metaphor,
The dying closer.

No one will be as interested as I –
Why should they? It’s my day,
The only day I ever will turn eighty.
Decades on a planet that’s
Had wars, near meltdowns,
Walls, floods, typhoons,
Fortune for a few,
Misfortune for the many.

Numbers hide the soul inside,
But eighty’s pretty high,
So I’ve a plan.
I’ll celebrate all year
Then wait – a patient one –
For eight to turn to nine
And write about it then.

Turning Eighty 8.31.2014
Birthday Book; Birth, Death & In Between II; Nature Of & In Reality;Circling Round Time II;
Arlene Corwin

Traveling Round The Map Inside My Brain 8.28.2014

Traveling Round The Map Inside My Brain


Traveling round the map

Inside my brain,

Watching this, locating that by feel –

(a kind of knowleged intuition)

Traveling to eternity.

No visionary, more a reasoner,,

Where I am is a where I try

To be. But where am I

When form is gone,

Deep consciousness gone too?

Then where is it I travel to?



Traveling Round The Map Inside My Brain 8.28.2014

Circling Round Reality; Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin



Lauren Bacall 8.24.2014

Lauren Bacall


[to have been]

Unusually beautiful and slim and tall,

At the top of your profession,

Wed blissfully, bearing with the smoke and alcohol,

An early widowhood

– in short, embracing all

This concrete world can offer:

Praise as food, death, suffering,

Resurgence, perseverance

Grounded in


[to have been]

Exceptionally lucky,

Destiny mapped out, it seems

By gods and grace,

Odds are still stacked against…

One day, long life included,

You say ciao, adieu, a toodle-oo

And permanent goodbye.

And we say, thank you.


Lauren Bacall 8.24.2014

Special People, Special Occasions; Birth, Death & In Between II; Defiant Doggerel;

Arlene Corwin


Generation Gone 8.23.2014

Generation Gone


At fifty – thereabouts,

I pointed out

Generation x dying away.

Some twenty-nine years later,

Facts emotional, statistical;

Generation’s at end.

Writers, movie stars, the famed;

Family, friend, family, friend;

The near, the far no longer hunger, linger, anger;

Fairing, failing, fading bone,

They’re gone.

And I, no longer ingénue,

A map of skin and calm IQ

View the kinship

Between is and was.

[On top of which],

Geographic frames

Break down restoring foreign names.

Fire, flood in crazy chorus, breaking records:

Watched through eyes of flow’ry verse.


Generation Gone 8.23.2014

Our Times, Our Culture II; Birth,Death & In Between II;

Arlene Corwin




My Boring Thoughts 8.21.2014

My Boring Thoughts


Round and round they go…

So unimportant.

Centered on

A bunch of nothings,

Taking priceless space and place.


My tiresome and vapid thoughts:

They must be superseded;

Not by force, but by a gentle leading

Oft repeated.


Boring super- something-ed broodings,

Reveries that lie in past or future,

Ousted and unseated by a whole new set of somethings;

Swinging, oscillating, waving somethings

Saving me from all that whoredom of a boredom

Which I wouldn’t wish

On my worst foe.

Round and round they go…


My Boring Thoughts 8.21.2014

The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II;

Arlene Corwin


What Is A Kiss 8.21.2014

What Is A Kiss?


Married thirty years; she wants divorce.

She will not kiss him when he asks:

And he must ask.

She might as well say, “Kiss my ass”,

But she doesn’t;

Doesn’t love him anymore.

Doesn’t even like him, (it would seem.)

A kiss: that favorite symbol:

Lips that touch.

It isn’t much.

A rite, a pooling of two hearts;

A politeness carried on in foreign parts.

Passionate, brotherly or sisterly;

A chance to sniff out enmity.

As primitive as monkeys,

A kiss is just, is still a kiss.


It always will be.


What Is A Kiss 8.21.2014

Love Relationships II; Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin

Value 8.17.2014



I betcha

You don’t know

Your value.

Few do.

Think about it.

Scout and maybe shout it,

The point being:

Never doubt it:

It is great:

And you.


Value 8.17.2014

Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin

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