Generation Gone 8.23.2014

Generation Gone


At fifty – thereabouts,

I pointed out

Generation x dying away.

Some twenty-nine years later,

Facts emotional, statistical;

Generation’s at end.

Writers, movie stars, the famed;

Family, friend, family, friend;

The near, the far no longer hunger, linger, anger;

Fairing, failing, fading bone,

They’re gone.

And I, no longer ingénue,

A map of skin and calm IQ

View the kinship

Between is and was.

[On top of which],

Geographic frames

Break down restoring foreign names.

Fire, flood in crazy chorus, breaking records:

Watched through eyes of flow’ry verse.


Generation Gone 8.23.2014

Our Times, Our Culture II; Birth,Death & In Between II;

Arlene Corwin




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