When I Sit Down To Sing 9.3.2014

When I Sit Down To Sing


When I sit down to sing,

Audience to watch & listen,

I, into the swing of it,

Some great something comes about.

Inner timing takes me over. I go with it.

Tempo has its way with me;

Key becomes another key.

B flat turns into B or C;

Dynamics swell and lower. Nowhere

Has this been constructed.

Each new note a birth, if I allow it;

A new dawning;

Nothing that I can regret in case

I screw it up and fall off the piano bench,

Forget a verse, go blank on chord.

It wouldn’t matter afterward

(In fact it happened once;

I laughed and just kept going)

Process is the thing,

The giving birth that very evening

I never, ever look back…

I just do it.

And I like it

When it’s happening.

And I sit down to sing

People there to watch and listen.


When I Sit Down To Sing 9.2.2014 (found on a scrap 12.11.2012)

Vaguely About Music II;

Arlene Corwin



















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