Coming Soon! God Book

COMING SOON!  GOD BOOK by ARLENE CORWIN published by Xlibris.

         In this book you’ll see my theology and cosmology. You’ll see, as I see in the editing, methods/ideas I’ve used in the past and still use.   God Book is, in some places very like To The Child Mystic, only more stripped, more direct. God Book is about God.  Full stop. Period.

     In each new book, this being the 13th, I find myself revising and updating. Each new edition seems to bring me one step closer to whatever it is I am as an author.   God Book has had so many poems altered I can hardly keep count. Starting out at 276 poems, I’ve managed to whittle them down to 168. Each new book really is a new book – even with the fact that some of the poetry was written as much as 55 years ago. I have to keep telling myself that Whitman wrote, published, rewrote, published again, re-re-wrote and published yet again. It’s such a comfort: Johnny Mercer, Leo Tolstoy, both re-writers. One could do a doctorate on re-writers

       I am traceable through my poetry. The changes, the development, the evolution – I [happily] see it myself as I edit.

     Sometimes a personal god, sometimes an impersonal one,  a He or It depends on the need of the moment. Truth is supra-linguistic – all pronouns suit. It is the relationship that counts.

      Truth knows exactly what it is doing. Not that it ‘does’ in the sense of actively participating in movement. Not that it ‘knows’ in the active sense either. It’s an operating law, this truth with a big T. Not doing, not knowing, but producing effects.

     You’ve got to see things in the cosmic sense –hugely; causes way-in producing effects way-out, producing in turn, causes way-out which produce effects way-in. And you, who see catastrophes, human and natural – you, who want to affix blame on something, someone – for you (I,we) there is only one personal alternative in the absence of answers: distancing in the form of seeing things as they would be seen way out in the cosmos, the only pre-supposition being this: there is such a thing as truth that is not dependent on relative values. It is Truth with a big T.

     I’ve got friends who, when we talk about truth, say things like “Whose truth” or “What do you mean by truth?” To them I say, don’t read this. Laws work but they don’t do anything themselves. They are more like rules of the game, bases from which things operate. You can’t get any more basic than Truth, big T: all encompassing truth.   God.


   Off-the-cuff and finally, it’s your happiness and peace of mind we’re talking about here.


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