Variations On A Theme II 10.11.2014

Variation On A Theme II


Is life a variation on a theme?

Life is a variation on a theme.

A series of tradition, habit, custom,

Cliché, story, idiom;

A repetition always going toward its opposite:

Forward, back again, again;

Ticking time that leads to death

(and rebirth which seems logical,

each cycle leading thus, so

why not us? Are we exceptions?)


It takes effort to withstand mistrust,

And yet our natures push us;

Natures leading to dissatisfaction,

Boredom; laws

We follow without noticing.


Since this is the case –

Variations on a theme,

The one solution is acceptance

Which we could re-name

Creative repetition.

It’s a native talent, if we let it.



Unavoidability turned into recognition,


Bravery and ultimately



Variations On A Theme II; 10.11.2014

Nature In & Of Reality;

Arlene Corwin






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