Advice In No Particular Sequence 10.12.2014

Advice In No Particular Sequence


I want us all to be

The Sherlock Holmes of yoga.

Let us notice everything we do,

Each way we move, each pain we’ve got.

Yoginis, yogins, let us

Memorize, internalize the feelings:

Ankle’s angle, steely shoulders, necks, knees, backs;

The inner, outer, sides; the cramp;

The when, the where will lead to why,

Solutions’ bulletins built in.


Lose the cliché, the quick response,

Slick without a thought’s reality behind.

I know a guy who won’t eat fish.

He’s says each time we meet to eat:

“The only dish I eat

Has had to have had four legs, could run,

Or laid some eggs.”

The first time it was funny,

But you know the rest.

Each visit to the restaurant

Gets less and less appealing.

And furthermore, it stops the thinking and the feeling.

The cost of the cliché is giant.


Advice In No Particular Sequence 10.12.2014

Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin

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