Responding To The Changes 10.17.2014

Responding To The Changes


That’s all it is about:

People, cities vanishing –

Bombs and stuff

Body showing awful changes:

Huffing, puffing proof

Of age and ending.

Everything an un-turn-backable.

Dress styles, food styles, landscapes,

New maps:

All’s dispersion.

Ways of life – oblivion.

Technology, vocabulary,

New, old, new, old – new again

Some awareness,


A response

to changes,

Repercussions hidden from us,

Waiting for us.

That’s what it is all it about.

We pout or shout,

Do all the words that end in –out

And even –ot, -as in robot.

Regrettably, I’m not

An optimist.


Responding To Changes 10.17.2014

Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin



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