Responding To The Changes revised (better than the 1st, I hope)10.18.2014

Responding To The Changes


That’s all it is about:

People, cities vanishing –

Bombs and stuff.

Body showing awful changes:

Huffing, puffing proof

Of age and ending.

Everything an un-turn-backable.


Dress styles, food styles, landscapes, new maps:

All’s dispersion.

Ways of life equal oblivion.

Technology, vocabulary,

New, old, new, old – new again;



A response.

To change, its

Repercussions hidden from us,

Waiting for us.

That’s all it’s about:

Pouting, shouting,

All the verbs that end in –out:

Doubting, flouting, sprouting, touting…

There we are robot-like!

Regrettably, I’m not

An optimist.

Change is what it’s all about.


Responding To Changes 10.17.2014

Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin



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