Many Words For Miracle

Many Words For Miracle


What are the synonyms for miracle?

There must be myriads;

Wonder, mystery and marvel;

[Anything] above, beyond the normal.

Unexplainable, for I

Was sick: tired, coughing, chesty,


Had to rest.

That was yes-


And three days prior.

By today there’s power.

By this hour, I’ve

Washed a rug on hands and knees,

De-branched two trees, written verse,

Washed panties, socks, a jersey,

Trimmed the roses, bushes pruned,

Going strong,

I’m strong, in tune.


Recovery, and I’m a-goggle. Miracle,

This is what that was.

Silent, gosh darned and mind-boggling.

Have I mentioned that I’m grateful



The Many Words For Miracle 10.22.2014

Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin


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