Writing Poetry: A Selfie 11.12.2014

Writing Poetry: A Selfie


I try hard to avoid clichés,

Metaphors and similes.

Not inspired to imitate –

Never been inspired to parrot.

Fired up, I must admit,

Inspired, yes, to not write shit,

Each verb hand-picked,

A la Cid Corman* adjectives evicted.

(They’re so tempting to employ,

Annoying to the tutored eye).

Too much, too long,

The first three drafts are never strong;

I distillate to minimize,

Make it easy on the eyes,

(Bad homonyms and all).

Whatever’s thought is food for brooding,

Food for verse.

No e.e. Cummings,

I’m a stickler for the comma, dash,

Semi-colon, period…

I try to stash the article,

Indefinite and definite; trash ‘an, the’

AND conjunction.

Quirky, silly, deep or light,

Fictional or factional or

None at all,

You cannot pigeonhole.

Most of all it is a call.

In which to revel and ignite.


*an esteemed poet/scholar who said he hadn’t used an adjective in 32 years.


Writing Poetry: A Selfie 11.12.2014

The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II;

Arlene Corwin


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