It’s Coming 12.31.2014 (three hours left)

It’s Coming


It’s coming.

Three more hours –

One year gone.

Three more hours

And it’s done.



Three more hours.

New directions –

Some unquestionably fun,

Some not.

Some fraught

With I-don’t-know:

A glow,

A show or two

A high, a low,

You know, the usual;

A who-knows-what and-where-am-I

And all the rest of terra firma heading?

To those sad, bad, glad, alive and dead,

Kindest regards and

Happy New Year!


It’s Coming 12.31.2014

Special People, Special Occasions;

Arlene Corwin

Getting Rid Of Aphasia 12.28.2014

Getting Rid Of Aphasia


There’s no romance in being mute involuntarily.

Loss of words, lost for words,

I cannot speak. But

Write and channels open.

Sluggish thoughts flow from a tap so clogged

That nine times out of ten

It’s plugged.

I wait and cogitate and suddenly, writingly

Crews of rhymes, an inborn beat,

Slews of words replete with eloquence,

Done with ‘dumb’ and saying things I don’t quite mean.

Script finds truth I never can.

Minutes turn invisibly and comfortably.

If struck dumb there’s the dictionary or thesaurus

To be reached. Just stretch and fetch!

What may have been an inward looking chorus

Expanded, plumbed, steering understanding toward

A definitely unclogged drain.

I guess

I’m just

A slow, slow thinker who needs time.


Getting Rid Of Aphasia 12.23.2014

The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II;

Arlene Corwin



Can’t Screw Anymore 12.11.2014

Can’t Screw Anymore



Warm, affectionate, tactile –

That ‘take for granted’ thing, that energy –

It’s lost accessibility,

Willingness and push-drive notwithstanding.


Of course can’t isn’t always can’t.

Can’t can mean sometimes,


Or intensive yes.


You know what?

Doesn’t matter –

Not a bit.


Is a synonym

Just as exciting.


Can’t Screw Anymore 12.12.2014

Definitely Didactic; Circling Round Eros II;

Arlene Corwin




Mister Absolute 12.1.2014

Mister Absolute

Whether you want it,

Whether you don’t,

Always within,

Always without –

Mister Absolute.

Ignore it,

Abhor it,

It doesn’t care,

Always there, everywhere,

Belief or not,

It’s got you by the short and curly

Merely by existing.

Irrelevant, He/She/It,

Unseeable and mute, yet

Ready and accessible

To idiot, the destitute,

Crackpot, worry wart,

Self-taught, untaught

By reason of completeness.

Mister Absolute 12.1.2014

To The Child Mystic II; Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin

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