Why I Am What I Am 2.13.2015

Why I Am What I Am


A part of me that likes to serve:

Cook for… with love,

Lie cheek to cheek,

Examine issues heart-to-heart

In company.


I am my hormones.


Part of me that must create,


In pictures or ideas.


Ambitions that lack logic.

Drives beyond the rational,

There, to take for granted,

Used by, using one:


I am my brain.


Part of me submissive, part adaptive –

Part of all the verbs in English.

There’s a part that points

To faith,

A part that’s dared to take

To take the f-word in my mouth.


I am my instincts.


Part of me likes coffee –

Not for smell or taste – no gourmet I –

But kick of, quick of energy:

The quality sine qua non.


In summary,

Not many

Are the manifested qualities

Expanding or reducing.


Hints of blossoming.

To be continued.


Why I Am What I Am 2.13.2015

Pure Nakedness: I is Always You Is We;

Arlene Corwin

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