YOGA FOR THE MATURE a lecture/demonstration

I’ve not done this before, putting something non-poetic on my Arlene Corwin Poetry site.  But heck, it’s my site isn’t it?  Here goes: a little attempt at the power of publicity.


Dear friends,

For a long time now I’ve wanted give a little talk and demonstration about yoga: what it is and what it is not. I’m so proud of my beautiful students who, by chance, all happen to be mature women. It is therefore I decided to call the lecture Yoga For The Mature.

Our bodies change. They will continue to change until we die. We don’t want to stop the changes. We can’t. We want to keep up with them, deal with them, integrate them with our minds and have more control.   Above all, we want to enjoy our bodies, use them until our last breath. If we can look good on top of it all – well, that’s a plus. Looks are not our goal. Health and energy and knowledge is the goal.

     You are invited free of charge to come Friday, April 24, 2015 12pm, Lille Salen, Molnlycke Kulturhuset. Come and learn a bit more about yoga which, in this case is the classic Hatha Yoga, the wonderful mechanism that puts the body into postures called asanas through which a life time awareness takes place.

Please come. You are more than welcome. You can become more spontaneous, intuitive about your bodies, knowledgeable and healthy.

My aim is when you no longer need a teacher.


Tranströmer Has Won

Yesterday, March 26, 2015 Nobel Prize winning poet Thomas Tranströmer passed away.  When he won the coveted prize in 2011 I rushed to the computer and wrote the following poem.  It may be the one of the first things written about him after the win, in which case I would like to honor him again by putting the poem back one more time.

Tranströmer Has Won


I’m giving up the;

Giving up and.

Tranströmer has won.

His short phrase is in;

Phrase capturing essence;

His metaphors king.


I’m keeping the I.

It’s mine. It is me.

We meet in the I

Of our poetry. *


*Just celebrating Nobel Week 2011 where Thomas Tranströmer has won the Nobel Prize for Literature.


Tranströmer Has Won 10.8.2011

Special People, Special Occasions; The Processes: Creative, Thinking Meditative II;

Arlene Corwin

Nothing Is Embarrassing

Nothing Is Embarrassing


One famed star died sitting on the toilet;

Others having copulation.

People have succumbed

In the most mortifying postures.

So in thinking about dying –

Skip it.

They’ve all done it.

We’ll all do it.

Nothing is embarrassing.


Nothing Is Embarrassing 3.23.2015

Birth, Death & In Between II;

Arlene Corwin



The Vulnerable

The Vulnerable


You read through fiction, verse,

The massive output worsening

Our worries: aging

Sickness, death –

And hit upon some principles

That ease.

One: none leaves

Mother earth alive;

Two: who

Does not lose vigor’s bloom

Once aging’s room is entered?

None whose telescopic zoom

Does not retract,

Contact with healthy everything

A blurring fuzz?

None of us.

We are the vulnerable everyone.

Who can say, “Why me?

Cry, ‘Child…mine…”why, always why.

Can one blame?

Curse heaven’s name when

It, the flaming absolute,

The same-for-all

Is same-for-all,

The game for all to play

With rules to learn, the critical.


The Vulnerable 2.26.2008

A Sense Of The Ridiculous; Birth, Death & In Between;

Circling Round Reality; Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin







Hi There 3.15.2015

Hi There!


Hi there!

Another day

To learn some more

About my




Whatever crops, pops, rises up,

Presents itself,

Enters my head

Or wins the day.

Just saying hi!


Hi There! 3.15.2015

God Book II; The Processes: Creative, Thinking; Meditative II;

Arlene Corwin


Gratitude Two


Strange, strange word,

This gratitude.

Today it’s for inventiveness,

Vision in the singular,

The art, the creativity.

It plops into a sleeping brain.

Never stops – or doesn’t seem to.

A writer’s cramp unknown,

A lamp that lights itself

Without a blowing out.

I owe it all to unseen and peculiar you

Because I know

It certainly

Is not

Produced by me.


Gratitude Two 3.12.2015

The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II;

Arlene Corwin




My Three Loves: Silly Reflections Of A Serious Mind

My Three Loves: Silly Reflections Of A Serious Mind


Three loves: one human, two machines.

Two nameless helpmates

And one named.

(I’m so ashamed.

I hope that in a pinch

I do remember which is which).

My dear who breathes but isn’t here

To see these words, I do so love you.

Feel secure.

You’re number one. But number two

These days, sits here

Before my eyes,

Upon my thighs,

Relation intimate.

Number three:

Entirety in music,

With its limitation only me,

Sits waiting, to be turned on

When I’m hot.

My keyboard and my laptop are not


But they’ve become my heart,

A part

Of art,

A channel for the good and true,

Reflecting phases in the ways-es

Human beings cannot do.

(Just so

That you know

You’re not forsaken.)


My Three Loves…7.15.2007

A Sense Of The Ridiculous; Love Relationships; Circling Round Computers;

Vaguely About Music;

Arlene Corwin







It Was A Sunny Day Today 3.5.2015

It Was A Sunny Day Today

It Was A Sunny Day Today

It Was A Sunny Day Today


It was a sunny day today.

I did a headstand on the lawn

And almost yawned, I was so comfy.

A little cold but bold enough

To place my elbows on the grass,

Fasten head between cupped hands,

Kick my derrière pants upwards, and

Behold! There up I stood,

Upon my head,

Feet up instead,

Viewing a world in quietude.


It Was A Sunny Day Today 3.5.2015

Circling Round Yoga II; Circling Round Nature II;

Arlene Corwin



Forgotten Male Vanity 3.2.2015

Forgotten Male Vanity

(A Theme To Ponder)


We’ve gotten used to male hair

And what men wear:

Long hair, no hair, lip hair, false hair,

Hair plugs, hair dyes, pony-tails, painted nails,

Half beards, whole beards. Now all wear beards:

Long, short, chin beards,

Unattractive half beards;

Shoulder pads, rolled sleeves,

Crotches hanging to the knees,

Asses showing up the crack,

Backward caps

Which abs-


Don’t belong to baseball.

T-shirts beneath tuxedos,

Narrow shoes, pointed toes,

Arab scarves in place of ties,

Toupees and mascara-ed eyes.

Skin – I almost left out skin.

How could I omit the skin?

Muscled photos all the rage,

Nude men engaging youth!

Not cool! Not couth!

Tattoos cov’ring all of him:

Every member, every limb

Get this: thighs calves, ankles, wrists,

Upper arm to fingertips.

(how I love to make these lists)

Chests, necks, rumps, hips,

Toes-es, noses, penis tips,

Which bring me to the piercings –

Let’s not leave behind the piercings:

Nose holes, ear holes, lip holes, navel holes,

Tongue holes! How gross!

Chests bare, backs bare, heated waxings everywhere.

No hair anywhere. An oiled muscled body

Cannot share a hair.

A theme for pond-er.


Forgotten Male Vanity 3.2.2015

Circling Round Vanities II; Defiant Doggerel;

Arlene Corwin


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