Forgotten Male Vanity 3.2.2015

Forgotten Male Vanity

(A Theme To Ponder)


We’ve gotten used to male hair

And what men wear:

Long hair, no hair, lip hair, false hair,

Hair plugs, hair dyes, pony-tails, painted nails,

Half beards, whole beards. Now all wear beards:

Long, short, chin beards,

Unattractive half beards;

Shoulder pads, rolled sleeves,

Crotches hanging to the knees,

Asses showing up the crack,

Backward caps

Which abs-


Don’t belong to baseball.

T-shirts beneath tuxedos,

Narrow shoes, pointed toes,

Arab scarves in place of ties,

Toupees and mascara-ed eyes.

Skin – I almost left out skin.

How could I omit the skin?

Muscled photos all the rage,

Nude men engaging youth!

Not cool! Not couth!

Tattoos cov’ring all of him:

Every member, every limb

Get this: thighs calves, ankles, wrists,

Upper arm to fingertips.

(how I love to make these lists)

Chests, necks, rumps, hips,

Toes-es, noses, penis tips,

Which bring me to the piercings –

Let’s not leave behind the piercings:

Nose holes, ear holes, lip holes, navel holes,

Tongue holes! How gross!

Chests bare, backs bare, heated waxings everywhere.

No hair anywhere. An oiled muscled body

Cannot share a hair.

A theme for pond-er.


Forgotten Male Vanity 3.2.2015

Circling Round Vanities II; Defiant Doggerel;

Arlene Corwin


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