Before One Goes


So many views,

So many points of view, like stars on view:

Endless views of what to do

Before one goes.

One goes, and that’s at fact! So

What to do the years before? Pursue,

Objectives always wished for?

Conquer failings, vanquish vice? Or

Simply follow where you’re priceless nature leads? For,

Mirroring the way it leads,

(Which needs an insight to uncover

What the inward lover

Knows – for knows it does…)

Solutions lie deep down,

Still bound,


Awaiting future’s still beyond.

Before one goes, a word of wisdom:

Follow your instinctive nose, through

still-enclosed abilities;

Those yet to be exposed, still poised sublimities

All set to rise.


Before One Goes 5.4.2015

Birth, Death & In Between II; Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin



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