Nepal Nepal

I’m starting a lovely Sunday and I suspect you’re ending one. Since I’m writing once more before I open the door and pick up the Sunday Times, I’ll add that I’ve been heartbroken all week about Nepal.  I was there on four occasions, two of them treks to different regions of the country.  So I’ve seen a lot of it at ground level and been in the destroyed ancient temples and buildings in the Kathamandu Valley and been charmed by the Nepali people, especially the incredible Sherpas.

We read about tragedies in many parts of the world and kind of glaze over another terrible event, but when the wonderful memories of the place come rushing in and you know everything has changed, its a painful experience.

My pen pal friend,

Crying at an end

Of things she can’t again

Take pleasure in.

The never-more-to-be


Creatures caught in nature’s misadventure;

Structures crashed, breathings crushed.

Crèches, mommies, daddies… hushed.

Where to begin?

Muddy roads, road-less mud,

Still to come, the monsoon rain.

Tobacco, tea, the sugarcane

Unthinkable, with after-quakes

The stink of death,

The waiting for…

The dulled response that takes you over.

Everest and Kathmandu,

Buddhist seeker and Hindu,

Aiming high –

All that changed. Now needed: money: M-O-N-E-Y:

Nepalese economy a Nepalese catastrophe.

My pen pal friend has pain that mirrors

Agonies we see on screen.

Gone some thousand years of history,


The Nepalese –

Where do we start? *


Nepal Before And After 5.10.2015

Circling Round Nature II; Birth, Death & In Between II; Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin

*May 12. 2015 As I print this out another earthquake has hit. – 7. 4 just two weeks after the first.





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