Nepal, Nepal

Nepal Nepal


My pen pal friend,

Crying at an end

Of things she can’t again

Take pleasure in.

The never-more-to-be


Creatures caught in nature’s misadventure;

Structures crashed, breathings crushed.

Crèches, mommies, daddies… hushed.

Where to begin?

Muddy roads, road-less mud,

Still to come, the monsoon rain.

Tobacco, tea, the sugarcane

Unthinkable, with after-quakes

The stink of death,

The waiting for…

The dulled response that takes you over.

Everest and Kathmandu,

Buddhist seeker and Hindu,

Aiming high –

All that changed. Now needed: money: M-O-N-E-Y:

Nepalese economy a Nepalese catastrophe.

My pen pal friend has pain that mirrors

Agonies we see on screen.

Gone some thousand years of history,


The Nepalese –

Where do we start? *


Nepal Nepal 5.10.2015

Circling Round Nature II; Birth, Death & In Between II; Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin


*May 12. 2015 As I print this out another earthquake has hit. – 7. 4 just two weeks after the first.





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