The Yoga Teacher

The yoga teacher does not teach contortive poses.

Yoga teacher teaches focus,

Broadening of consciousness,

Being in the center

Of whatever…

Ligament or cartilage, toe or nail,

Throat or stomach – tissues all.

Not a guru to be worshipped, but a mortal

With as much to learn as any pupil.

Incomplete in ways not bared,

Not visible but always there,

The yoga teacher gives out all she* knows.

Sharp eyed, observant,

Ever interested in what goes on

In every someone,

It’s her mission.

Always seeking options and alternatives,

Broad-minded and accepting,

Serious with humor, humorous but serious,

Yoga teacher knows that every

student’s body is unique,

A peek into a universe

Of ever changing promise.

* of course she and her are he and him also.

The Yoga Teacher 6.5.2015

Circling Round Yoga II;

Arlene Corwin

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