Cat Intelligence or Watching Albert


If someone gave me food each day,

And there was no one else to do it,

I would hang around that guy – and stay.

There isn’t much to separate us.


If someone stroked me,

Giving small massages while I sat upon his knee,

AND provided food when there was no one else to do it,

What would you do? Too!

Who needs foie gras?

Fire stoked, hair brushed, back stroked,

Mouth fed?

Would you not be devoted?

Scrounging never,

Lounging on a cushioned lap,

Secure that when the nap was over

You could rove about wherever,

Play and never

Forced to work a day –

I call that IQ

‘High Q’ –

Very high!


Cat Intelligence 6.10.2015

Cat Book II;

Arlene Corwin



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