Finally A Summer (I hope I’m not burdening anyone. I write all the time & I’ve got to put it somewhere. I just hope you enjoy my thought processes and my art.)

Finally A Summer


Sitting by the lake, taking in the beauty,

Sending signals to the brain.

“Eyes, see this! The color, sky.

Ears, hear that! The dolorous

Approaching plane on high!

To all the senses in the mind,

Don’t get behind,

Ignored, forgotten!”

Almost bored by lake alone,

The question,

What should I be thinking now?

The moment? Oh,

I see

An ant upon my knee.

Five, no nine soft ducklings swimming by.


And they’ve survived the gulls.

A goddam miracle!

Ears are hearing more, and I

Amazingly identify…

Rowboat knocking ‘gainst the dock,

Pike I don’t like,

Waking up, my sense of smell,

Fir cones crashing on the deck, my neck –

A squirrel?

Black blown thingie on my skin

Now flown as if it’s never been:

Riches every min-ute.

Sitting by the lake

Now more awake than ever.

Weather finally a summer,

Oops, another

Fir cone.

That one



Finally A Summer 7.1.2015

Circling Round Nature II;

Arlene Corwin



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