Getting Bored #2

Getting Bored #2


I bore so easily.

I play a tune time after time

And have to change it.

Improvising: that’s the name.

Who can do the same life out? We need

To change; we crave variety:

Machines that crave variety;

Nuance, nothing big,

Subtle, slow in coming, but,

If you’ve the talent and the ear,

You hear – extemporizing, winging-it, ad-libbing

All to please your self.

Creatively and on the spot,

You feel you’ve got

To make up something new,

The worn replaced, the boredom quenched,

The freshness making you a chirpy fledgling.

Lose the fear – it’s here to banish.

Clinch the moment,

Let it shunt you to the next

Perplexing phase.


Getting Bored 7.20.2013/7.12.2015

Vaguely About Music II; Definitely Didactic; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II;

Arlene Corwin




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