Did Curiosity Kill The Cat?

Did Curiosity Kill The Cat?


“Curiosity killed the cat”

Oh no,

It raised the cat IQ

Because of that investigative will to know

What lies inside each hole

And carryall,

Behind each bush,

The very fall a-cushioned

By all fours;

Doors there to lead to food,

Bed, mice or other goodies.

Stings he gets,

Clawings at,

Every lizard tail detached,

Pupils widened for the light,

The night,

The sight;

Smells, ears –

These senses sharp as shears;

And sneakings, creepings, climbings high:

All signs of curiosity to learn from.

Killed by? Not routinely.

Not enough to be bedeviled by

An axiom!


Did Curiosity Kill The Cat? 8.18.2015

Cat Book II; A Sense Of The Ridiculous II;

Arlene Corwin




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