When I Left

When I Left


When I left,

I didn’t have the means of entry

To an honesty that should have said,

Could have said,

“I loved you once, but now I don’t.

I do not love you anymore”.


Such simple words, and yet

I could not think of how to say them.

I, the wimp said “Yes”,

Not making clear the unconditionality of No.

“I said instead, well, thought, not said,

“In a way” or, “like a friend”.

What was I thinking when

I really wanted it to end?


Hidden somewhere among fears

I could not find an honesty –

Which only brought more tears.

Fear of hurting you? No, it was

Weakness and hypocrisy, which

Given a like situation

I would never do or be again:

Saying yes when I mean no.

I’d go,

But with more



When I Left 9.5.2015

Love Relationships II;

Arlene Corwin

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