Men Who Need Lots Of Women

One of my more outlandish reflections which will go into my collection called Circling Round Eros II (I’ve already published #I).  Also Love Relationships II. (I’ve already published #1)

Written during a sleepless night the other night (when the mind is unbridled,  and worked on all the next two days.  I hope I’ve got it right – as a poem, that is.

    Men Who Need Lots Of Women

        (analysis and summary)


A hole is a hole,

A tit a tit,

A tongue a tongue,

A come a come,

Orgasm which, like qualities in life

Has ups and downs. 

Grownups must expect, accept them.

Why, the greed, speed, need and lust?

Time wasted in the hunt,

Exhausting in the chase,

The chase a case of fleeting fun,

Seen in mind’s eye only, and

The running ‘round a chaos.

 “You must remember this,

A kiss is still a kiss…”

It is simplicity and peace,

With simplicity in love.

 Analysis and summary

Designed to break illusions

Of the men who need a lot of women.


Men Who Need Lots Of Women 9.21.2015

Circling Round Eros II; Love Relationships II;

Arlene Corwin

arlene corwin

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