Insulting God

Insulting God


You can’t be rude to God;

God cannot be insulted.

[You] cannot hurt the feelings,

Touch affections,

Move emotions,

Sway sensation

In a constant with no ego, ergo,

Irk a constant with no ego.

[It is]

Patently, blatantly, arrantly clear. So,

Speak your wants,

Voice your needs,

Have your views, use

Words contrary to things learned.

One suggestion:

The connection!

Keep it!

Keep on going back.

This [the] one and only rule:

Repetition hits a goal

Homogenous and pleasing –

(Like this piece of cheese I’m eating

At this moment).


Insulting God 3.1.2014 (revised 11.29.2015)

God Book; God Book II;

Arlene Corwin


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