Dear God: At Letter & A Statement

Dear God: A Letter & A Statement


My dear, my real,

Let’s make a deal through breath or mind

Or two sharp eyes;

Through focusing on what’s at hand,

Or reasoning and analyzing,

Letting revelations stand,

Not hanging on:

One can get so gosh darn fixated.


I’m advised by wiser folk to not take notes

But trust in synapses,

Whose thrust stands for the aspects

Of the universe’s map.


My latest vision, guide and template,

Is neutrino, as is sun;

Countless, endless miles from one,

Passing rays through galaxies,

Powers of which we’ve not an inkling,

Clinging to a nothing, influencing armies,

Countries, species, certainties;

Yes, powers that we take for granted:



Dear God: A Letter & A Statement 12.7.2015

God Book II; To The Child Mystic II;

Arlene Corwin





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