The God Question: It Never Goes Away

         The God Question II (It Never Goes Away)


Why are their laws?

Orderly and scientific, giving guidelines,

Making tidiness from chaos.

Logic looking yet for more:

Th’explored and yet-to-be…


Take a category: love.

Too abstract to pinpoint, like

We ‘in-the-image-of…’

Fact or poetry?

Legend, symbol, history?

Amalgam of each and every

Thinker, mystic, visionary

Always been, often hidden:

Metaphor the only language.


Multi-universes. Well,

‘My Father’s house has many mansions.’

Fine-tuned to existences with functions unlike ours?

Or is it that it/they is/are fine-tuned to mortal powers?


Those hung up on Christian thought

Have never sought Vedanta (or caught up with any other…)

Deity or cant, for It, It doesn’t care. It’s always been.

It knows the ropes. It made the ropes,

Not in compliance with the human want,

What we set store by, but

If we believe or not,

It wouldn’t matter to an Absolute.

When you examine boundless, infinite and ultimate…

Supreme and unconditional…

Consider what is absolute;

First creator, law of nature –

Yeah, a question, yea,

That never goes away.


Always two opposing sides:

The smooth, the friction;

Yin and Yang in every action

Newton’s law:

Every action a reaction

Equal and opposing

Foe and friend; equal and opposing end;

Yea, the question never goes away.


The God Question II (It Never Goes Away) 1.12.2015/re-written 2.8.2016

God Book II;

Arlene Corwin


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