Old (revised)




What happened when…?

What? Nothing you envisioned.


Inside: precisioned mind:

Same head, same brain

Known to God alone,

The strain of genus inescapable.

Outside, a stranger mirror says is me;

Stifled by all kinds of blarney.


Old keeps stretching of reach;

The rainbow’s arch you cannot touch;

Olympic torch to hold on high

About which youth has no idea.


Not the doctor newly licensed,

Young policemen skilled and new;

Children, adolescents…

All have heard about it;

All their young ideas untrue.


Old is known

(and hardly that)

By those who flat out own it.

Even then…a what?

Trick of the light, illusion?

Old is a what!


Old 10.5.2015/2.17.2016

Circling Round Aging;

Arlene Corwin


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