Everybody Needs A System: correct me if I’m wrong

  Everybody Needs A System

Everybody needs a system of belief.

If you can’t believe in deity

Then non-theistic thought’s for you.

You’ve plenty there to choose from; thoughts a-plenty,

Thought-through thought, thought through

To give a mind to body, bod’ to mind.

You need root,

frame, name to lean on.

-Isms fall apart, break down, implode,

And yet you have to start somewhere –

Some thought to give you structure;

Theory broad with answers to hard questions;

Connections, forms, corrections

Never ending, ending sometimes.


You need too, the flexibility to turn…

Around, from, to, away; begin anew.

While watching, letting change take place

As if it were a grace with you the center:

After all you’ve got is you, the hat upon your head

Prepared for anything.

Ethics, kindness: you need more.

Death’s door, what came before, what may be after,

Now, the mind in front, behind;

You need systems for the chains of causes, pausal chains,

To help explain the cycles, phases; chance and the inevitable,

Giving in, resistance and how to know

The stable lasting, versus passing.

Everybody needs a ground to work from, stand on.

Everybody needs a system.


Everybody Needs A System 2.20.2016

Circling Round Reality; Thinking About;

Arlene Corwin

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