Planting Seeds [Of Suspicion]


I read a site on Monday,


Last week…

Who cares?

It suited, reaffirmed experience.


Clicking forward on a link

There sprang a site in boldest form:

“A cheat! A sect!” with facts so vague

They hardly bear repeating.

Seed planted,

Comfort compromised,

Truths I knew were truths

Now insecure, unsure,

Shaken from someone’s mistaken

Sore-intended statements.


Unexpectedly, next day

Phone rings from India!

Did it show on Wikipedia?

Did he know? And how…?

“Madame, you are having problems with your Microsoft.”

With orders to download a site –

Slightly warning, slightly threat.

I scanned.

It was a scam,

A scheme

Which leaves me hours later

Fazed and steaming,

Seed well planted.


Planting Seeds [Of Suspicion] 4.21.2016

Definitely Didactic; Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin





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