Lumps & Bumps


There are wrinkles, lines,

Osteo- this, osteo- that,

And then the bumps –

Perplexing lumps

From nowhere,

Showing up and growing,

Coming, and not going.


You think cancer, other

Causes and annoyances:

Worry, costs and doctors.

Signs and trends!

Oh, brother,

Will they never end,

These changes downward foul and fetid,

Sour, dour, cowardly?

Unsightly forms

Informing us

Of beauty’s loss, songs unsung,

Boss death and wretched other wrongs?


Lumps & Bumps 5.29.2016

Circling Round Aging; Birth, Death & In Between II; 5.29.2016

Arlene Corwin

The Wrinkled Years


Fifty, sixty or so years,

Some few lines form front of ears;

Lines under jaw and in the chin,

‘Tween brows, ‘long cheekbone,

Just beginning,

Still alone

and undeveloped.

Forearm skin a smidgeon snakelike,

Upper little marblecake-like;

Sarcopenic muscles forming,

Throwing in the towel, collapsing

And re-forming skin to hanging,

Puckering well nigh commencing.

Brand-new body parts to dwell on.

Thinning skin and hardening skin,

Aging’s mystery within.

Shrinking muscle,

Bulging knuckle,

New-ache joint.

There is no use in finding fault,

For who would one accuse?

All you have to do is point,

Looking while you paint your face,

Looking at the face you paint.

Looking while you pluck the chin,

Looking at the chin you’ve plucked.

The new-grown hair: laconic,

There, some in their lair.

Lips gone,


Moving on –

Because you can’t go back again –

Can’t re-gage the back-gone page;

Wrinkling years become the wrinkled years,

Or wrinkléd which sounds more poetic.

Deepening, alas pathetic,

Each to last

The rest

Of living.


The Wrinkled Years 5.28.2016

Circling Round Aging;

Arlene Corwin



Guess Who?


Never moves.

Doesn’t care

If it is day, night,

Dark, light –

You can

Make advances


And how,

Or even if

You will,

Active or still;


The whole darned lot

Before it ever took its form.

He/she/it or what?’

Guess who?

Sitting Outside A Day In May


I find myself not only wondering [but]

Thirsting, needing to know when and how they died, [but]

Thoughts or suffering or not: in short,

The state before and during…


I observe a skin that’s wrinkling,

Drying out and shrinking,

Hear and spy a bird in tree,

See the freshness, spring’s new growth,

The only thing I really see is death, a passing.


I allow myself my breaths,

The moods, desires –

All that goes along,

Forgetting for the most part.


Deep down I see the buds of parting

And an emptiness because

I have no answers.

All that I can do is wait and act and meditate

As if life equaled all time-in-the-world.


Every year in spring

I find I’m writing, charting

Charting age unconsciously,

Literally marking time.


Not sad, not glad but emptier

Than years before,

(or maybe more).

Noticing, acknowledging a substance;

The substantial underlying all the grandeur.


Sitting Outside A Day In May 5.21.2016

Birth, Death & In Between II;

Arlene Corwin

Goddesses & Godlessness


Some feel best with goddesses

Or godlessness

To beat the odds

Of death’s finality,

Life’s unpredictability.

Where stand I with jumping mind,

A monkey mind?

Something in it knows it’s trying;

Something knows the I that’s eyeing

Cycles of existence,

Phases and the way life wends and winds

And weaves and threads

The paths that seem to be


All roads lead to Rome,

Or do they?


Goddesses & Godlessness 5.18.2016

Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin

The Most Published Book In The World


If the Bible is,

As Google says,

The planet Earth’s

Most published book

(the recent estimate five billion!)

Why is the milieu around us

Falling, fouling, failing us?

Why are industries, their leaders.

(clearly they, their families readers)

Greedily corrupted,

Profit-minded and self-interested;

Continents and Christians,

Countries near and distant,

Church, priest, nun and clergy

(those who venerate the liturgy)

Bound to lust like all the rest of us?

Why are charities caught stealing

When they’re reading, spreading, dealing out

The Word

They’ve heard

Is God?


The Most Published Book In The World 5.16.2016

Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin




Calmer Waters


Pressing, squeezing out a meaning

From a theme so oft repeated –

Said anew, reviewed, renewed, transformed:

Different angle,

Greater distance.

Forty back-seen years of knowledge,

Growing deeper, insight now

Examined and engaged in

With a scientific eye

To see it bearing fruit.

In calmer waters.


Calmer Waters 5.16.2016

Circling Round Reality;

Arlene Corwin

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