God Is Silent/Does The Sun Answer?

(from my upcoming book “Life Is Phases Only”)


I read the other day this why:

“Why does God not answer when I need Him most?”

Amazing blazing sun

That doesn’t move and doesn’t sound;

Whose rays – if you can call them that –

Are penetrating all year round –

Of course He doesn’t speak,

The so-called ‘doing’ doing comprehensively,

Enfolding life and death

In any, every silent breath.

With figuratively speed of light

All needs are met

All times, all places:

Paradoxically, the monstrous, horrifying and

The finest, highest in mankind –

Each adjective within the eye

Of the beholder’s truth or lie.


It’s silence boundless, instantaneous, and

You, without awareness

Of the how and why

This God is answering the heart.

The secret?

Watch the details of your day

Repeatedly and frequently.

You’ll see the secret clearly.

 God Is Silent/Does The Sun Answer? 8.29.2015

God Book II; To The Child Mystic II;

Arlene Corwin


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