A Slice Of Sloth


I’ve a goodly slice of sloth.

Not total self, but there it is,

A chunk disguised,

Not recognized by those around,

But I, I see it, know it,

Bowing, yes, kowtowing to it.

Here I sit admitting it

To get it off my chest and onto paper.


Much below the conscious,

Goodness knows

Why one must beep a caper

Steeped in bloopers

Onto paper.


Definitely didactic –

(I’ve a slice of that inside me too.)

One hopes that you

Get something

From what may be vice, deficiency and weakness

Or a strong point, good point, asset, strength.


A slice of anything can be an anything

To anyone

Depending on

Its use.


A Slice Of Sloth 11.27.2014

Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin

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