Going Through It

           Going Through It


I’m thinking about you

Everyday, and what you’ve got to go through,

Going through right now.

I cannot do

a thing –

Well, give a ring now and again –

But you have other friends

And relatives for that

To buy each this and that

To fill your needs.

No, in as much as my heart bleeds

For what you’re going through

And what you probably will go through,

Forced by creeds

Of other sorts

I’m forced to sort it out.


You’re ill,

And you’ll be ill a while.

Thoughts say, “Get well!”

Three times “Get well”,

Eight, thirty times “Get well!”

Sent into space, to heaven, God –

More times than spent on Mac or IPad.

Possibly the most effective way

From me to you

To help with what you’re going through:

I pray – not in the ordinary way –

I don’t know how to say it,

Words don’t, can’t describe it,

But I’m with you – and pray it.


Going Through It 6.16.2016

Special People, Special Occasions; Love Relationships II;

Arlene Corwin

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