Gustav The Cat


Gustav’s had

To be put down.

The day was lovely, light, pristine.

Gustav Cat, gregarious and household king

Gone wandering –

Disappeared the past few days,

Back, sick, no visible, familiar cause.

And then the news:

A chronic and/or fatal illness

Common among felines.


Put down – an awful phrase –

Sent up to a pussy paradise: cat-adise.


Tuesday’s diary:

Part beauty and part tragedy.

Gustav Cat, well taken care of,


A gorgeous little creature

With destiny unknown,

And, it seems

A destiny he did not own.

Do any of us?


So we mourn,

The mourning will not be postponed!

We mourn.


Gustav The Cat 7.6.2016

Cat Book II; Birth, Death & In Between II;

Arlene Corwin



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