Success & Epic Failures 3rd edit

A quote I got from Mr Rampton on

His twirling Tweet account.

I thought, impressed, amazed, “A catchy phrase,

I think I’ll write it down and later write it up,

It being just my cup

of tea:

‘Success and Epic Failures’,

You and me:

Sporadically, frequently,

Scarcely ever, almost never –

Take your pick.


Who hasn’t had them both?

Betrothed to neither,

One should rise above the two –

Screwing ‘round with mind and ego as they do,

Never lasting, alternating

Life throughout.


I think I’ll write a song -to-be:

Avail myself of phrase as symbol:

‘Failure and Success’ et al,

With appeal universal,

With potential to sell millions,

With success and epic failures,

Which of us has never been derailed

And won

Ten-umpteen times

In life?

Success & Epic Failures 7.17.2016

Pure Nakedness; Circling Round Reality; Out Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin









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