Qualified Abstinence

I’ve decided – though not wholly –

As of morning’s bath – to put on hold

The daily custom, habit’s viewing –

NCIS, Dr Phil – suspecting as I do

That they are doing me some harm

Engaging, charming

as they are.


Mind as thought and mind as stomach,

Turn to worry, churn with fear

As states of things in world and home,

Play out the clearer,

Signs maturing in their chaos,

Ever growing, ever baiting;

Making brilliant, analytical dear Phil

Ever more mouth-watering.

Well-loved NCIS plays its part,

Portraying nations torn apart

With ever cleverer technologies

And cleverer–type baddies

Getting ‘theirs’ from even smarter good guys.


If then, strong enough to not back off,

The morning TV staying off,

Then maybe, only maybe

This old belly

Can restore its tranquil peristalsis,

Family squabbles turning babble to a kiss.

Phil, dear Phil, continue to be wise and kind!

NCIS’ cast: brave, cuddly and seasoned –

Flag unfurled, continue to engage yourselves

In world salvation!

Stationing my thoughts in action,

I must leave you both

To carry myself into truth

As cellular Arlene conceives, perceives,

Inherently achieves it.

(If, of course, l don’t fall back into the –

(crude, ill-mannered rude word) shit!


Qualified Abstinence 7.20.2014

Pure Nakedness; Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin

Arlene Corwin Poetry.com


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