I’ve Forgotten (Entitlement to those forgotten)

I’ve forgotten

All the people I’ve been guided by

Whose I had impact.

I would say it was an army –

Some to venerate, to honor

Just for being who they were.


Teachers who reached out –

Or not.

Friend who sat in seat in front:

Third grade, long braid – precisely what

I longed for.

Comic friend, a hundred two this year.

Men who loved me;

Thinkers high above me;

Authors by the hundreds,

Women, men of all professions;

Holy ones…

My goodness, memories gone

And here I sit, result of all

That stands and stood to break the wall

Of ignorance.

They were my chance

And I’ve forgotten more than many.

I would gladly pay a penny to remember mem’ry

Unremembered, out of mind,

Left behind and unobserved,

Consigned to god-knows-where

Out there in limbo.


Tricky this!

I’d like to put a name or give some fame

To those who made me tried and true,

Who said, some way, that “You are you”,

Who gave or formed my values.

Give their due

To those who

Gave me mine.


I’ve Forgetten8.2.2016

Pure Nakedness; Special People, Special Occasions;

Arlene Corwin




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