Charting The Changes (Once Again)


How can I leave them?

I have eyes, the body, brain;

These changes subtle and not so… going on,

And I a part.

The sex: it never leaves.

You watch the nuance – age regardless.

Muscle, limbs, all inners shifting;

Dangers one could ne’er imagine

Years before –

And there they are,

Daily dominators from within

And from without,

Pushing, shoving, tugging

Quiet, noisy, brash and smug.

Dangers one would – if one could –

Convert to chance both sound and likely;

At the center of it all: you, I and we,

The question being, how to cope with,

Deal with it undisturbed; philosophic, unperturbed,

Optimistic, cool, detached,

Present-living, hatching new ideas

From day to day as if it’s play,

The way presenting self on impulse, off-the-cuff

And you obeying

Soundlessly in laughter.


Charting The Changes (Once Again) 8.7.2016

I Is Always You Is We;

Arlene Corwin


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