Yoga, James Bond & The Bad Guys (revised)


Sitting on the floor

Watching James bond overpower foes.

A complicated character with

A subtle ethic, ice-chilled wrath –

Most of all, a yogic path

Of duty and detachment;

Yogic while the villain,

Mega-bombs his own routinely –

Ligaments and muscles blown,

Royal houses overthrown!

And yet we have so much in common.


Villain cool, detached but mean,

Followers his kill machine.

Bond the Lancelot,

Jaw-dropping stunts his lot,

Fencing, boxing, crashing cars;

Fights and scars his calling cards –

And when in need of surgery

He heals quickly.


Evil lurks, Bond never shirks, and still

His life is filled with perks:

Hotel suites, girls en suite,

Dry martinis, Aston Martins (note the plural)

Sure of all

And unequivocal

Bond’s megastar, ideal and idol.


This poet rather fond of Bond,

Both yogis of a different kind:

He the running, driving soldier,

I, the yogi on the floor,

Each connected to a power.

Grinding skills the Bond-dynamic,

Mine the tranquil skill-iambic.


I give in to un-excitement’s

Ordinary daily yoga;

Bond the knight with right to kill

(Nice guy James with license, aimed at

Ordinary evil ogres –

There you see the box of riddles:

Bond the paradox in middle

Fighting off the oh, so evil bad guys!



Yoga, James Bond & The Bad Guys 2.10.2015/revised 8.28.2016

Circling Round Yoga II; A Sense Of The Ridiculous II;

Arlene Corwin


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