It Could Happen To You And Probably Has

Step one:

You meet or met;

The Internet.

Not long ago.

You from somewhere in Kokomo, (that’s Indiana),

Or in Goa, India.

Or goodness knows – it happened anyhow.

Warmth turned to passion,

Fashioned from that crossing passage

Into one another’s lives.

Pair-tners waxing like the moon.


Step two:

The snoring, interruptions,

Mannerisms, quirks, needs, those discussions,

Frame of mind.

You find

Its whole attire tiring.

Time scale of no import,

Both or one

Work out, discover, come to grips :

Passion gone,

And too, the pair-tnership.


Step three:

You fire him or her,

Or he or she fires you

From love that turned into a job.

Although you sob you’ve not been robbed.

It’s fair to say

And not deride

The faults, blemishes on either side,

For condemnation’s not the way.

The plot and play’s scenario

Are all too



It Could Happen To You And Probably Has 9.26.2016

Love Relationships II;

Arlene Corwin



The Book

It’s something to put out into the world,

And maybe everyone should do it.

Well, not everyone would do it,

But at least one book is in us all.

Oh, yes,

We all have one book in us.,

Thoughts at bottom ageless,

Basic, universal,

Willing reading level

Out there


All that is required is –

And there’s the catch:

Stamina, stick-to-it-ness and ready cash.

That said,

It is no guarantee of being read.

The bonuses are breakthroughs,

Insights into self and style,

Inner jokes that make you smile,

Self distance

And, God willing, fans.


Something to put out into the world;

To dare and do with flag unfurled

At least just once.


The Book 9.22.2016

The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II;

Arlene Corwin


Can’t Keep Up

   Can’t Keep Up

Overwhelmed, well nigh.

Stuck, in any case.

Habit, certainly;

Dependency, it’s possible.

Too cowardly to hit delete, unsubscribe,

Headline drawing, leading,

Wooing into worlds of guidance –

There I am,

Adding one more site,

Email list so long

I’m sensing danger.


Yet, and yet,

I’m in the pit of knowledge, help;


By eagerness and curiosity,

Induced, I click.

I fall,

A toy so miniscule,

I’m putty in their hands.


Motives suspect, motives pure – it’s in our times.

Motives all – natural.

But how can I create

When time is drained?

Promoting’s pace accelerating,

I’m just me, a Pooh of little brain.

It sounds so negative, but then

It’s all a double-sided coin.


Can’t Keep Up 2.24.2016

Out Times, Our Culture II; Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin




Thinking About…Jealousy

I don’t sense envy in me –

But sense jealousy

Given the right (or always wrong) occasion


The past disloyalties?

A guilt? The lies?

A deep and hidden narcissism?

Is it them that I surmise?


A sickly need to own –

To call someone my own

When I, in fact have known

That no one, nothing is my own?


Does it begin in fantasy?

One asks the question

Wherefrom, why from

Comes that special gallery

Of idle fancy?


If the simile is ‘green’ with envy,

What then color jealousy?

Red, brown, orange, pink or blue?

Perhaps there is no hue

In color’s range

To chronicle that landscape and its danger!


Thus adding one more deadly sin

To slot into the other seven:

Is it…could they be akin

To chilling, killing, love destroying jealousy?


Thinking About…Jealousy 9.18.2016

Pure Nakedness;

Arlene Corwin



Ambitious People


The author:




Ninety-thousand words the goal.


The singer:


Expand the range,

Prepare and train,

An entertaining, pleasant presence

Liking for the audience.

The painter and photographer:

Eyes that see,

Composition, color shades,

Nuances of every grade.


Who is important –

What and who’s

Significant to only you.

The lawyer, doctor, engineer,

The lab technician, cook, and waiter,

Business man, entrepreneur:


And all:

What’s honest, ethical,

What’s brave and bold,

What’s true for you

And what you think will hold


Even when you know it won’t.


Ambitious People 6.4.2016

Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin

Sitting Up In Bed Building A Career

Sitting Up In Bed Building A Career


A million do it everyday:

In every posture and position,

Hour of day or night,

Town, city, country, state;

Of any age or mental stage,

Staring at a screen –

A mini- seven inch

Or fifty-seven inch,

Tapping with the fingers of a four year old,

Or ten, or thirty, even eighty five and cold –

Lives learning, lives for earning, and for

Building a career – folk world around

Looking for their dharma

As the proper way to use their karma,

Finding out just who they are

And what will make them gratified,

Glad, and at ease and peace.


Right now, I’m sitting up in bed

Enjoying writing like a cow chewing the cud,

As well one does

When taking pleasure in the word.


Sitting Up In Bed Building A Career 9.12.2016

Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin






Still 9/11

                   Still 9/11

Still 9/11

With not seven minutes more to go

Before it turns to twelve

When I cease staring at my conscience,

And stop being conscious

Of the shameful tragedy,

The change of policy and policies

That had the tendency

To police our activities

And make, have made, are making us suspicious

Of a world become malicious

As we go from trust to mistrust

‘Cause we think we must.

You must agree,

THAT is the tragedy!



Still 9/11 9.11.2016

Our Times, Our Culture II;

Arlene Corwin


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