Do You Feel Loved?

         Do You Feel Loved?


It may be the essential – feeling loved:

The need that breeds endeavor.

Genes count, nature/nurture too,

Of course they do.

But you?

How are you shaped on other fronts?

On every inner front that counts?


Upward-striving, brave, risk-taking?

Anti- any thought of faking?

Thin-skinned, concrete or faith based?

Seeing all as interfaced?


There is no shield to life or love,

Each quality a chance, an option;

Course of action,

Possibility if let.


Meeting, greeting all you get,

And every action a solution;

Taking love, rebuff – it all,

Direction never faltering.


In each action there exists

A universe of rules to choose from.

You suffused with

Feelings of

Concern and tenderness and feeling love(d).


Do You Feel Loved? 9.3.2016

I Is Always You Is We;

Arlene Corwin




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